Electronics and Energy

Dean of the faculty:
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Olexander Mykhailovych Sianov

Deputy Dean:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences Kosuhina Elena Stanislavivna


  • Applied Mathematics
  • SystemsSoftware
  • Radio Communication, Broadcasting and Television Equipment
  • Higher Mathematics
  • Electronics

Training at the Faculty is carried out according to the modern educational technologies. The educationaltrainingprograms of highly qualified specialists are based on the fundamental, humanitarian, socio-economic and professionally oriented disciplines. But except the obligatory disciplines students choose the optional cycle of disciplines as well.

The Faculty conducts a wide range of researches. It also has a well-coordinated training system to prepare students for conducting their own researches. The best students can continue their studies at the postgraduateprograms.

During the period of training the students take part in scientific-research projects carried out at the Faculty. The research institute “Technology and Automation of Profile Rolling” and the Engineering Center “Module” function on the base of the ElectronicsDepartment.

The Department of Applied Mathematics conducts the inter-state scientific and methodological conference on the problems of mathematical modeling annuallyand issues the journal “Mathematical Modeling”.

The Department of Higher Mathematics is the organizer of the All-Ukrainian scientificconference“Mathematical Problems of Technical Mechanics”and the international conference “Mathematical Problems of Technical Mechanics”.

At the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering you have the opportunity to get higher education simultaneously training in another specialty at the university faculties; study abroad; work in the library with modern electronic equipment with open free Wi-Fi zone (wireless Internet access area);participate in All-Ukrainian Olympiads, international and All-Ukrainian conferences; join Club of the Funny and Inventive People; develop your creative abilities in various university circles and sports sections; have a rest at the sports recreation camp in the village of Tsarichanka; live in hostels with comfortable conditions for studying and living.

The Technological Faculty as a part of Dniprodzerzhinsk State Technical University was founded in September, 1973.

In 2003 the Technological Faculty was divided into the Energy Faculty and the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering. The educational process at the faculty for the moment of reorganization of the institute was provided by 5 departments:

  • Higher Mathematics;
  • Applied Mathematics and Computer Modelling;
  • Computing Machinery Software;
  • Radio Communication, Broadcasting and Television Equipment;
  • Industrial Processes Automation.

One of the oldest departments of the educational establishment is the Higher Mathematics Department, which was founded in 1930. The chairs of the department were V.O. Reva (1930-1938), Associate Professor P.I. Ruban (1938-1974), Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor I.G. Bezvershenko (1974-1984), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor A.O. Lygun (1984-1997), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor P.O. Steblianko (1997- till now).

The educators of the department conduct training in disciplines of the mathematical cycle (Linear and Polynomial Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Differential Equations, Function Theory of Complex Variable, Tensor Analysis, Calculus of Variations, Mathematical Modeling of Technological Processes, Basis of Rigid Bodies Mechanics), psychological and pedagogical basis of scholastic activity, basis of higher institutes pedagogy and psychology.

Dean of the Faculty:
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Olexander Mykhailovych Sianov
Phone: (0569) 53-82-99

Deputy Dean:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Liliya Mykolaivna Bozhucha
Phone: (0569) 53-82-99

Postal address:
51918, Dniprodzerzhinsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.
2, Dniprobudivska st. building 3