Mechanical Engineering

Dean of the Faculty:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Volodymyr Yuriyovych Solod

Deputy Dean:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Sergiy Ivanovych Chukhno

The mechanical faculty offers state funded training programmes and paid tuition (at the expense of legal entities and individual persons).
All specialties of the faculty have the fourth level of accreditation.
The educational process corresponds to programmes that meet current world standards, in auditoriums and research laboratories equipped with machining equipment, diagnostic systems, operating units, modern devices.
The teaching process is provided by 50 highly qualified and experienced specialists, 40 of which have science and academic degrees.
Thanks to the existing integration relations, students are provided with practice bases at leading enterprises with advanced technological processes and advanced equipment.
At Mechanical Faculty you have the opportunity to:

  • prepare for entry through pre-university education system;
  • to receive higher education (bachelor, master’s degree);
  • to receive a second higher education, to increase qualification;
  • to prepare a candidate’s or doctor’s thesis;
  • to get a consultation from qualified specialists in education and science.

Mechanical Faculty was founded in September 1991. It included the following departments:

  • Machine-Building Technology;
  • Mechanical Equipment for the Metallurgical Plants;
  • Applied Mechanics;
  • Building Mechanics;
  • Theoretical Mechanics;
  • Higher Mathematics.

In June 2, 1993, the Automobile Department was founded and became a part of the Mechanical Faculty.

In order to improve research and an educational process of the faculty it was decided to merge general technical departments. In October, 1996, the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Department was established. It included the departments of Applied Mechanics, Building and Theoretical Mechanics.

The foundation of the Processing and Food Technology Department in 2002 is one of the main achievements of the faculty professional team.

Today the faculty includes the following departments::

  • Machine-Building Technology (Chair of the Department: Volodymyr Yuriyovych Solod, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor);
  • Metallurgical Equipment (Chair of the Department: Oleg Oleksiyovych Beygul, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  • Processing and Food Technology (Chair of the Department: Ivan Vasyliovych Belmas, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  • Automobiles and Automobile Economy (Chair of the Department: Oleksandr Mykolayovych Korobochka, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor);
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Chair of the Department: Leonid Mykhailovych Mamaev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor).

Over the years about 4 thousands of specialists graduated from the faculty. Today 700 students are studying and 50 instructors are working there, with 80 per cent of them having appropriate academic degrees. The main points of their scientific effort include improvement of the machine-building supportive processes, investigation and optimization of the cutting processes, enhancement of efficiency of the automobiles maintenance and their repair. Annually the students of the faculty take prizes at various state competitions and student conferences of different levels. The brightest students have an opportunity to enter post-graduate course in the framework of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Machine-Building Technology, Automobiles and Automobile Economy, Metallurgical Equipment, Processing and Food Technology Departments.

The faculty has dozens scientific laboratories equipped with machining facilities, diagnostic systems, operating units, and modern devices. The students are trained at the computer classes with up-to-date PCs having an access to the Internet.

The students live in a modern university hostel. They can use the following facilities: canteens, cafes, a stadium and four gyms. The faculty has a wide cultural network allowing students to attend volleyball, tennis, fitness classes and many others. For the last years the faculty have been taking the first prizes at the university sports and athletics events.

Dean of the Faculty:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Volodymyr Yuriyovych Solod
Phone: (0569) 55-15-03; (0569) 55-16-83

Deputy Dean:
Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Sergiy Ivanovych Chukhno
Phone: (0569) 55-15-03

Postal address:
51918, Dneprodzerzhinsk, Dnipropetrovsk region.
2, Dniprobudivska st. building 3, rooms 035, 036, 413